Sunday, January 15, 2012

Haaaavvvvveeee you met Duke?

I just realized there hasn't been any pictures of Duke here. So Introducing..... DUKE!

Duke is a horse of questionable lineage. Hubby bought him as a grade quarter horse. But with the big white blaze that extends to the side of his face and a tiny little splotch of white on his belly I think he is a paint. He is a big stout boy. seriously he looks pregnant. I think this spring/summer he is going into training and will be working off some of that belly. He's huge.
He is a good boy. He loves LOVES attention from humans and often nickers at me when I pull into the yard. He is scared of mostly everything. The pigeons in the barn loft scare him daily. He is a bit of a handful under saddle. I hope that I can work with him this summer and change his "OMG everything is going to get me!" personality so that he is a bit more fun to ride. He's also super barn sour and buddy sour. So we have a few things to work on. But he is sweet and I love him.

And just for fun here is one of my terrible looking horse...I mean seriously he needs to be groomed BAD. And don't let those ribs fool you...he has a great big hay belly. He just looks super pathetic, so that I feel like a terrible owner. Tomorrow I hope to steal an hour to groom him up.

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