Friday, December 16, 2011

fingers crossed this works out.

We are headed to the cities tomorrow morning to go look at a horse trailer. I am trying not to get my hopes up, because I am sure it will either fall through or end up being in worse shape than we think. It’s a two horse slant load with walk in tack/dressing room and it in our price range…it is in the top part of our price range, but it is still in our price range. I’m sure it’s just going to end up being a big bucket of rust held together with some bolts. The pictures on the ad make it look like the inside is nicer than the outside hopefully the outside isn’t too bad where it cannot be repaired for less than we paid for it. But a fully enclosed slant is hard to find for the price. I haven’t ever tried loading the Cone-man in a slant load, but it can’t be worse than a straight load.

When we picked up the pony we borrowed a trailer from the seller, a guy I knew. He is the manager of a barn just outside of town and had been having some drama out there so he agreed to meet us in town with pony loaded in the trailer. When we met up with him he told us the drama was bad and that he was leaving town and that he wanted to sell his trailer for cheap. So we told him we’d think about it and let him know in a few days. The trailer was almost exactly like the one that sent me to the hospital before so I was a little nervous about it but it was a really good deal. So the next day we got a good look at it and it was in excellent shape. It was extra tall and extra-long, and had a ramp. We decided to try loading the monsters in it to see what they thought of it. Piney took a little time to get in there, but he did get in and he fit. Next up was Duke, who “will load in anything”. Apparently not the case that day. That poor guy had never been exposed to a ramp before and he was NOT having anything to do with it. He’d put his front feet on it, and then once his back feet got on it, he’d back up. We tried and tried to get him in with no luck. I think we tried a bit too much and I could tell that I’d lost him completely. So we did a quick little ground work exercise to end the day on a good note and then called it a day. The next day we gave him some tryptophan to sort of settle his nerves a bit and to mellow him out. And after a bit of patience we got him in the trailer. We loaded him up and his big gut fit in there so we decided that since both horses fit and could load in we wanted the trailer and we weren’t going to find a better trailer for the money. When I called up the guy who owned the trailer to let him know we wanted to buy it he said that he wasn’t moving anymore, things were good and that he didn’t want to sell the trailer. MAJOR disappointment. Especially since we spent so much time trying to get the horses to load. We were pretty bummed, so that’s why I try not to get my hopes up. It seems that all summer in our quest to find a horse trailer we’ve had the rug pulled out from under us. So that’s why I’m trying not to get too excited about it. But it was exciting that loading Piney wasn’t a 3 man operation this time. AND it didn’t involve a trip to the emergency room for me or the use of powerful drugs for him!

The people that are selling the trailer are also having a HUGE tack sale in their garage the same day we will be there to look at the trailer. So if we don’t get the trailer I can maybe get some sweet deals on some stuff I don’t really need! AND since we will be closer than we are to Ikea now, we will have an excuse to stop by and buy all the stuff for our bathroom that we are remodeling. I use any excuse to go to Ikea really. I love that store because it makes me think of the year I spent in Sweden. Walking through the show room I get homesick for good old “Sveirge”. And just think, if we do end up getting that trailer, we can just LOAD it up with all kinds of new treasures for our house!!


  1. I hope he trailer works out. I really hate it when my hopes are dashed, I can totally relate.

  2. It didn't :-( it was a bucket of rust that was gonna need a LOT of work to make me feel safe hauling horses in it! BUT I did get a quick trip to Ikea out of the deal!