Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter is here and Mother Nature had let us know that it’s here for a while. Yesterday we had a high of 10!! Ugh! I had to feed last night and I, like every cold day I feed, had to give myself a pep talk to get myself out of my toasty warm Dodge ram. When I finally got myself into the tack room I threw on my favorite purchase ever…my Carhartt overalls and jacket and bundled myself up. Once I’m bundled up I really don’t mind chores that much. I just hate that I seem to move slower and can’t see very well to the sides with my bomber hat on.

I was beyond thrilled though that Santa made an early trip to the barn and brought us two 100ft HEATED hoses!!
As soon as I saw them I seriously think I heard angels singing hallelujah. I don’t know what it’s like to live anywhere where it doesn’t get freakishly cold in the winter. (I’m talking -40 for a few weeks straight.) I’ve learned to deal as I’ve never known anything else! When it’s time to water horses here in the winter it’s the worst. I mean absolute worst thing ever. We deal with frozen faucets, frozen buckets, frozen hoses. NO FUN! So anything that can help us out a bit is magnificent! This hose is awesome. We don’t have to drain it, I don’t have to fumble with three shorter hoses (that I ALWAYS end up hooking to each other making one large circle), and if it freezes up we just plug it in for 20 minutes and she’s good to go! LOVE IT! They are super expensive though so I’m glad Santa’s little helper’s board at our barn and are so very generous this season!

Speaking of cold weather, I LOVE pinecone’s winter blanket. Santa brought it for me last year and it’s seriously the best present ever. It’s held up amazingly and I think it’s better made than some of the more expensive blankets that some of the horses are sporting at our barn. I haven’t had any rips, tears or snags yet either. Maybe it’s because Pinecone is the boss of his padock. :-)  Santa got my blanket from Greenhawk Tack its in Canada but they do ship to the US. My parents still live in Canada and the store isn’t too far from their house. I send them there for things every once in a while. BUT during December they have a new special each day. And they are usually pretty good deals, heck they have good deals all year long in their flyers. I recommend you check them out


  1. NEGATIVE 40?????? OMG! I would DIE!! Whew! I don't know how you do it!!!

  2. I'm jealous. Really really jealous. I can't wait until it gets so cold again that we have to put all the water buckets in front of the tack room heater and carry buckets of hot water to pour in them. I wanna cry all over again just thinking about it! :p

  3. Ashley - I've never not known horrifically cold winters!! Its bad though. sometimes it's so cold that it hurts to breathe and exposed skin freezes within minutes! We are a different breed up here that's for sure!

    Mare - I definately know that feeling too! Last winter the hydrant in the main barn broke so for the rest of the winter we had to carry buckets of water at least 200 ft from the hydrant in the arena...We tried hoses but the boys wouldn't ever drain them so they were frozen all winter. This has been our christmas mircale!

  4. there is such a thing as a heated hose? are you sure?: )

    that would never, ever happen in germany. german people unplug their TVs after every use because the standby light (the little red one) drains power. (in america we call that a "drop in the bucket" but in germany they say, "not another drop on our bucket!")

    air conditioners are unheard of here because of the outrageous waste of energy (but i want one!).

    even clothes dryers are only owned by the wealthy - the middle class doesn't normally have one. i have to hang up all of our socks on a rack. fun.

    another reason germans wouldn't have a heated hose - all the barns i've been to have automatic waterers and often even the pastures do (connected to an underground pipe or a water trailer thingy). i'm the american with her buckets and yah, i've not been able to use my hose all winter but i just go in my bathroom and fill a bucket every day.

    i want a heated hose! i'll have to tell you what my man says when i ask him.