Thursday, December 9, 2010

Piney's brothers and sister

Piney has two brothers and a sister that he’s never met. They live at my house with me and they are puppies. Well two are adult dogs and one is still a puppy.

Diesel is an outdoorsey fellow
(he's "pointing" and not actually missing a leg!)
 I’ll start with the oldest, my best boy Diesel. His full name is “Turbo Diesel Dullay” and he is a 4 year old black American Cocker Spaniel. I got him when I was living on a farm and he was a great farm dog. He LOVED his life of chasing bunnies, and birdies, and deer. I’d let him out in the morning and he’d come home around supper time exhausted. But things changed and we moved into town and he’s adapted well all though he does long for adventure. When we go visit hubby’s grandma’s farm he comes alive and spends his days exploring the farm and being a “wheat dolphin” swimming through the fields. Diesel is very smart and knows a lot of tricks, he hugs, shakes, gives high fives, kisses, and can balance treats on his nose. I love my best boy. But his experience with his old horse brother didn’t go so well. He met him when he was about 4 months old and promptly met the bottom of Yellow’s foot. Thank goodness Diesel tucked and rolled the way he did! I kept them separated from then on…

I just LOVE those "eyebrows"
Next is my little girl. She is a total mommys dog and follows me around where ever I go. She is a 3 year old parti colored American Cocker Spaniel named…Pooper. Yes Pooper…her full name is “Parti Pooper” and originally was named “Piper” but that name was just to sweet for such a terrible dog. She was bad! My mom nicknamed her “the dog from hell” because well she was. She ate shoes, and chewed on people, and once I found her with a $20 bill so when I took it she bit me. She was bad. She has become very sweet though and I just love her to bits. She likes to cuddle and is attached to my side any chance she gets. Diesel isn’t really a fan of her but when he is left alone he is a wreck. Sometimes I would catch them playing but as soon as he saw me looking, he’d stop. I really do love her but she isn’t a dog for everyone. She needs me and I need her.

Boston "Terror"
Last is the baby…Tucker aka “Tux” or “the world’s worst dog” he is a 5 month old Boston Terror…I mean Terrier. I’ve had no experience with terriers. Cocker spaniels run in my family. My dad had one growing up, and I had one growing up. Terriers are a different species. When any of the Sporting breed dogs looks up at you, there is Love and loyalty in their eyes. Even when Pooper was horrible she’d still look up at you and you’d see that she was completely loyal. This little monster…yikes…I see nothing but flames and lightning bolts when I look in his eyes. Hubby was laying on the coutch once and Tux randomly jumped up and bit him in the neck! I try not to turn my back on him I’m scared that he might kill me. I really do love that little monster though. He is a puppy and I understand that. He was a wedding present to my hubby who’s wanted one forever. And he is starting to learn things, he’s just a little firecracker full of life. I’m worried about how big he’ll be though…He’s already much bigger than my Spaniels were at his age…He’ll probably end up being a great dane!! Just kidding! I love that little monster!

Diesel Bear loves to swim...but can't so he has to wear a lifejacket or he'll sink to the joke!

Fluff ball

Trying to steal my soul by looking into my eyes...

LOVES to be outside!

Also loves to be long as I'm outside

I really DO love him!

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  1. Absolutely adorable!!! That last pic will melt anyone's heart. I have three terrors...I mean terriers.....and love every crazy minute with them.