Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding pictures since the weather here sucks!!

Since the weather here sucks (50mph winds mixed with rain/snow and freezing temperatures) and I haven’t gotten to ride since Thursday since I’ve been sick and out of town. I wanted to post a few more wedding pics from our photographer. I am so happy with how they turned out. She did an amazing job.

I got married last month at one of the most unique venues in the area. It is an old farmstead with a chapel, and a big white “mansion” and a cute white barn. It was a perfect day! I had origionally planned to have my monster trailed in so we could do some pictures with him, but decided that since his last trailering fiasco and the time crunch that we’d do a trash the dress session with him at a later date. (hooray!). But we did have some horses at the wedding!!
We hired a team of clydesdales  to give guests a little ride in the country durring cocktail hour

I want them! I asked the owner of my barn how much to board one of them and she laughed at me...

I am in LOVE with this house!!

I am also in LOVE with the bridesmaids dresses!! I want one!

The boys in front of the old grainery

Bride and Groom!

My besties little boy was the ring bearer. He's a little cutie!

You can't see it in this picture, but on my bouquet there is an antique brooch with a horse on it that looks just like Piney!


  1. gorgeous pictures! I love the place!! it looks like a fairytale :)

  2. Great photos and nice style on your part :)
    Did u do trash the dress yet?! I never did it...and some days I'm SOOOO tempted to pull out that 4 yr old dress and mount up!!!

  3. thanks ladies!

    Kristen I haven't done done my trash the dress yet. The weather and scheduals have been in the way...MAYBE this weekend we might do it. I think you should! I mean it's not like you really HAVE to trash the dress and hey, when will you ever get to wear it again?!