Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Up the Creek Tour....part 3

We awoke that morning with intentions of finding a farrier and getting settled into the next campground. French Creek here we come! Wanna know something else awesome that happened? George managed to throw another shoe in the middle of the night. Yep. His left rear fell off. FUN! This is the best trip ever! He was, at this point...SUPER lame. The poor guy had to stand on hard gravel all night in the corral, with 2 shoes and a buddy that kept picking on him all night for some reason. He was not having any of this Black Hills business.
But whateves! Off we go!
We headed to the next campground and noticed a dude ranch tourist trap that had a sign that said "Farrier on Duty" HECK YES! We pulled in and sure enough they had someone to put some shoes on George. He ended up replacing all but 1 of them on George, and then reset 2 on Duke. So far we had zero luck on the shoes. I felt like a giant ass for all of our shoe troubles. I mean wouldn't you? And since George wasn't pissed off enough.... he ended up kicking the farrier right in the leg. Nice.

We decided that we would just get settled into camp, and then head into Keystone, SD and do some touristy things. We had a sub par dinner and hit up all the shops and saw all the things. Early to bed that night.

We awoke bright and early and saddled up. We had talked to the neighbours from Michigan and they showed us the right trails. They did warn us that there were lots of water crossings. F-WORD. But I figured George needed to figure them out, so off we went.
French creek had the best trails by far. They weren't super challenging and the scenery was AMAZING.
Gross. why would you want to ride here ever.

No fear of bridges anymore.

When we got to the first water crossing George decided that his best plan of attack was "GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!" The creeks were too big to leap across, so he figured that if he went fast, the water wouldn't sweep him away. Sure this was fine...but the creeks were super rocky. So my husband had visions of George breaking his legs so he kept yelling at me to hold him back. Easier said than done. At water crossing 20 he figured it out that creeks weren't that scary.
We had our best ride at French Creek. George really came around once he figured it out. I honestly want to go back. Other than beautiful riding....nothing really exciting happened. So I don't have as much to write about...just enjoy these pictures!


  1. These pictures barely do the place justice!! I wanna go back so bad!

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