Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Any possible interest? No? okay then...

So when I was a younger gal, much younger than I am now. I loved being creative. I loved to create all the things. I was a huge art nerd in high school. Senior year was my favorite because my art teacher would give us an idea or concept for a project, and then turn us loose to do whatever we wanted to create. Most of my projects were fashion related because I was going to grow up and be a fashion forecaster over seas spotting fashion trends and sending them over to America. It's funny to think back to what I wanted to be and where I am now. One of my favorite projects was that I made paper dolls of myself, complete with accessories and all of my favorite outfits. However I will never forget my art teacher coming to my station when I went to present my project to her and she made my little paper doll dance around and then "whoosh! There goes Kari's clothes! Look everyone Kari doesn't have any clothes on!" I somehow thought that might happen and made sure that my little figure was in a tank top and boy shorts...
Fast forward to the college years. I took design class after design class and spend hours in studio creating. I loved it, it didn't even feel like class. I'd spend late nights working on a project only to decide at 2 am that I wanted to take a complete different path. So a quick trip to Walmart to pick up new supplies and start the thing over again. I loved my classes where I could be creative. Unfortunately it was the other classes that burned me out completely. You'd think spending hours in a studio would have done me in, but it was the hours and hours of studying for an exam, only to walk into the lecture hall with 200 other students and then be paralyzed with test anxiety. "Why are those people done already?! I need to hurry up because they are done and I am still stuck on the first page!! Am I even in the right class room?! This doesn't look familiar at all! OMG more people are done! how is that possible?! Did I study the wrong chapers?!" Bombed nearly every exam I took. Yet I was too scared to go and ask for help. I just accepted that I was just stupid rather than going to ask my professor or anyone for help with my test anxiety. So then I left college the first time was because the University thought that maybe I needed to take a break and figure out if college was for me at all. So I took a break and then went back after a year. I only made it one semester before I decided that I couldn't do it anymore. 
I lived the life of leisure for awhile. I was the manager at a private stable which allowed me plenty of time to be creative inbetween am and pm chores. I made all kinds of things. Drawings, paintings, scrap books, memory boxes, and cross stitch (don't judge me. Cross stitch is art). I also made tee shirts. I LOVED (and still love) teeshirts with funny sayings or quotes on them. So I made my own. One of my favorites said "Stop Staring at me" on the front and " Stop Following me" on the back. Still makes me giggle because I'm weird and paranoid. So when I was at an auction sale, that seems like one million years ago, I freaked out when I won an enormous lot of those iron on letters that you put on jerseys. Now I never counted how many letters I got, but I'm guessing I have about one billion letters. All sizes and colors. Now I could make teeshirts for every day of the year! Hurrah!
But as life has a way of going, I was no longer a woman of leisure. I had to grow up and get a big person's job which meant I basically didn't have anywhere to wear my witty tee shirts as they weren't really office attire. So i boxed up my hoard of iron on letters. They went from my apartment, to my storage unit and then some how ended up in my barn. I'm shocked that they didn't get tossed by the wayside somewhere along the way. I uncovered them the other day when doing some cleaning in the barn and tried to think of how I could start creating things with them again. I've got plans for some of them in projects for family members as gifts. I then had a light bulb idea and thought to make George's halloween costume... a replica saddle cloth like the one he wore in some of his stakes races, with a number and name underneath. And then I thought maybe I could make make that into a throw pillow or something I could put in a frame. And then I started thinking about tee shirts because I love tee shirts. I wondered if there was a way to make a tee shirt that was cheesy about my pony. So I came up with this shirt.

Super cheesy. Right?
Is there any interest from anyone that is super cheesy and is looking for a teeshirt with their pony's tat and date of birth?? I'm sure there isn't, but I am going to make this one and see how it turns out. If there is the off chance that anyone is interested, please let me know! I'll also give the saddle cloth pillows a shot, and see how those turn out. My sewing skills SUCK, but I think I can make a square pillow... 

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  1. Um, hello. I need one. Bobby needs one to hang over his giant head. The dogs need one a piece. Actually I probably need another one.