Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall rides... (mostly pictures in this post)

As much as we don't want to admit it.. Winter is coming. Which is why we are trying to fit in as much riding as we can before the -40 degree weather with 160mph winds get here and then stay here forever.
Three weeks ago... Yeah I know I could have written about it last week or the week before... but I got lazy. I'm pretty much burned out all of the time. Like i have no extra energy ever. So much fun feeling like crap! Anywho! Three weeks ago we loaded up Duke and Cash and headed out to Hankinson, North Dakota to meet up with some friends who were camping out there with their horses. We had planned on camping out there with them, but with our dogs it makes it kind of difficult to go anywhere over night. Our trailer is not a living quarters trailer. So the tack room where we stay is pretty crowded with all of our tack, all of our stuff and then to try and fit 3 dogs in... yeah it doesn't work. Not to mention, my oldest Cocker Spaniel gets really howl-y when he gets left behind. And I didn't want other campers complaining about a dog singing the song of his people all day long. So we just loaded up and headed out for a late afternoon ride.
Having never been riding in the Hankinson Hills... it showed. We got really lost at first and kind of just wandered around in a large cattle pasture. But then we found the way back to the trail and it was a really nice ride. i LOVE fall riding. So enjoy some pictures of  the Hankinson Hills and little yellow ears. 

And then last Sunday we loaded up the horses again and headed out to Fort Ransom to do some more riding. It was the coldest ride yet this year, but to be honest...I'd rather it be cooler than super hot. I don't handle high temperatures very well. I love riding in Fort Ransom. The trails aren't super challenging, but they aren't just flat and boring. There are lots of switchbacks, and hills. I was surprised that the leaves hadn't changed too much and most of the trees were still pretty green.
We met up with my friend and two of her friends who ride mules. They were happy that our horses didn't have a problem with the mules because apparently, not all horses get along with mules. But it's always fun to have good company along the trail. I've met them a few times actually, but I don't think I've ridden with them before. So without further delay... more pictures!

I was super stylish and my equitation was amazing.... But I am riding a cute pony.

I had the farrier pull Cash's shoes, because I wasn't thinking clearly, and thought we were done riding for the year... He was a bit tender on the gravel-y parts.

So If any of you friends want to come visit me someday... I have plenty of awesome riding places to take you to! North Dakota isn't all boring!!

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