Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When it rains, it pours.

Seriously, what did I do? We were getting ready to go out for a few adult beverages to celebrate the new year. I did a horse check and tossed pony some more hay.
She was down. She is never down. Ever.
#€!?*^+#^%!!!!! Can't get her up. And can't get her up. She is up, but only for 3 minutes. Down and then rolling halfway. And then laying flat out. Closing her eyes.
A ton of calls to the vet and she said to bring her in. She hadn't been optimistic until we told her Pony just pooped.
She laid down in the trailer and then after we got her up and out she laid back down in the clinic. She was obviously not happy and in pain. But her heart rate was normal and she was pooping normal poops. The vet ended up pumping water and mineral oil in. And then they put in an iv catheter. Pony had some pain meds and by this point had been standing for quite awhile. She was looking better but wasn't quite out of the woods. We put her in a stall and hooked her up to some fluids. She is still there and was looking better, but $&#%*!! Why?! I don't need this now. 
We should be able to pick her up tomorrow. Sorry for this craptasticly written post. I am on my iphone. I promise to write a real post soon...
And thank you all for your kind words and thoughts in regards to my brother. I haven't really been doing that great in regards to that situation. Outwardly I am fine, but inside I am not.

Send me some good thoughts for Pony pants.


  1. Thinking of you - hope pony comes through this ok.

  2. Princess Rainbow Sparkles will be fine. She just wanted some attention. She will be back to farting glitter in no time!!