Friday, February 8, 2013

terrifying, and not romatical at all...

I was at home last night watching Tv with the hubby. When this Ralph Lauren commercial came on. (this is a longer way drawn out version posted but the same parts are in the commercial).

We had to rewind it a few times to see if it was really as horrifying as I originally had thought.  First off, that woman is riding with a dress on… basically riding bareback with no pants on…yuck! Yes it looks beautiful and flowy and romatic. But all I can think of is that one time a friend and I were camping with our horses and we rode down to the river to bath both ourselves and our horses. We rode bareback in our bikinis and it was not a pleasant experience. And have you ever tried to get back onto a wet horse bareback? Basically the fact that we just took a bath in the river was completely tossed out the window by the fact we hopped back on wet horses to get back to our tent…gross. I still can’t even believe I was talked into that scenario. It was a beer fueled weekend to say the least.

What about the part where they are cantering away holding hands. Awww adorable….never gonna happen in real life with me. First off I get all panicky when I ride next to someone because thanks to Yellow I have a fear they are going to kick the horse next to me. That’s how we got kicked off the equestrian drill team he kept kicking at the other horses as they came up next to him. Also I had another horse kick me and almost break my ankle when riding that close…sooo yeah. I’ve also never been on two horses that can just canter along happily next to each other. It ALWAYS ends up being a race. Sometimes it’s the horses idea, but usually it’s my riding companions idea.

 What do they keep staring at off in the distance? Eyes forward you fools!! You never know what dangers could be ahead of you! You could be thrown and when  not wearing a helmet, or boots, or pants for that matter you could be pretty messed up afterwards…

And near the end when he’s got his arm around her neck as they are smooching and cantering away…what the heck is is trying to do to that woman? Kill her? Uffda. Seriously, I would not be giggling and smiling if that was ever attempted. More like screams of horror with the feeling that someone is trying to pull me off my horse. I get that they are probably better horse people than me but seriously.

 Non horse people have such a skewed perception of what really goes on. Yeah the commercial is romatical and beautiful and blah blah blah. But seriously I am such a worrier around horses that this commercial really freaked me out.


  1. Lol you crack me up! Love your break down of the commercial ;)

    1. AND you are one of the lucky ones that gets to see my hilarious status updates on FB and as well as view the funny pictures that I post on instagram. ;-)

  2. OMG. I had the exact same reaction to this commercial and almost posted it to fb today! Zach and I saw the commercial one day and I go, "yea you see that bit where they are cantering along smooching, that's not romantic, it's suicidal". I am wayyyy too much of a safety first kinda girl these days.