Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little venting about shopping...

I've been looking at a lot of horse sale ads. I have yet to go and look at a horse in person, but I am just giving myself time. But so may for sale ads make me shake my head... I mean really...

13 year old Gelding For Sale
Broke to Ride-Trails,Trailers,Farrier Safe!
He Needs another Horse to Ride with-He don't go by himself >>lol 
Sorrel-Saddlebred Quarter Horse
4 white socks
His Name is: TOO TALL
Luvs his Treats-& Comes when you call his Name-But you better have a Treat Ready For Him : )
Jordan, MN Location
Reason for selling-I don't have time-
His front feet hurt at times-
Mounts Mares-will Kick a Horse close by-or Bite the other Horses Butt Ahead on Trail Riding LOL
$1,000.00 Cash Best Offer
Emails Welcome

Putting LOL next to his bad habits? Doesn't make them cute or funny. A buddy sour horse that mounts mares and bites and kicks nearby horses on the trail...Awesome, where do I send the check?

Another thing that really bugs me, is people that have their sale ad saying "I need to get rid of this horse, we don't have room!" but at the end of the ad will say "Will trade for well broke, bomb proof gelding" Did you not just say you don't have room for one horse...so you will fill the space that you don't have with another one? Why not be honest and say "the horse is too much horse for us, we didn't realize we aren't able to handle this much horse, please take it off our hands so we can get a horse we like better".
I have just been shaking my head a lot when I read horse ads lately. I've also found myself doing something I never thought I ever would...I've been looking at a lot of ads for Arabians... Yeah, I know. There is just something about them that makes me click on every ad that mentions that it might possibly be an arab. I would consider a few test rides on one...
This holiday weekend we had planned on going to Deadwood, South Dakota for a little vacation, and we were going to stop out at the ranch where I got Piney and see what there was available. But we decided that we should probably stay home instead and work on house projects. Probably for the better. It would be kind of nice to just feed two horses for this winter and then head out there in the spring. Especially since I have no clue what type of winter I am going to have this year so I don't know if riding will even be an option. Even though I have looked at ads for all types of horses...I think my heart is with OTTB's.
There is one OTTB that I have been somewhat obsessing about lately. Here is one link to him. He has an ugly knee where chips were removed. And he will never be an upper level horse, but lets not kid anyone...I am never going to be an upper level rider...Ever. I trail ride, and occasionally like to play "dressage queen" but that is about it. The pony also has a video. I've watched it a dozen times. He doesn't have the same floaty, pretty movements that Piney did, but he still looks like he would be a lot of fun.
So that is where I am these days. Online shopping for horses. Not a whole lot of other exciting news in my life.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'll have to send you funny oens I come across (no, I'm not shopping, but I always look!) Not sure how long after this guy came off the track they made this video but to my (rather uneducated eye) something awry in his back end. At the trot he looks quick behind and at the canter he just looks ouchy. It could just be muscling due to racing, or something else. He does seem to have a lovely demeanor.

    1. I think this was his frist ride and it was a month or so after he'd been off the track. I personally think they need a bit longer to come down off the track which is why I like the horses out at the 2nd chance ranch. They have had at least a year off. Plus there is a vet on site to give me a run down on the horse and what it can and can't do. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. I think that is my plan! I was excited to go there this weekend but I realize i have stuff that needs to get done a home *le sigh*. A friend of mine said that I could probably just have him deliver one out to me, but its pretty exciting to pick one yourself.

  3. Oh my goodness, that OTTB is ADORABLE!

    I don't blame you for obsessing. ;)

    1. I've said over and over and over again that I don't want another red horse, but I just keep finding red ones that I love :-)

  4. Wow, those ads...I guess on the bright side, they are at least admitting their horses have issues. Is this where we add a lol?

    That OTTB seemed to have a great disposition! Very likable!

    You know, you're totally next door to an Arabian hot spot. Some of the biggest trainers and breeders are in MN. The perfect place to shop if you're going to convert! ;)

    1. Smiley faces and Lol ads, that's how you sell a horse! I mean if you look at horses that run in the 6 figure price range their ads have loads of lol's and winky faces!

      My husband's family used to breed and show Arabians back in the 70's so I would have plenty of vintage show tack in amazing condition that I could bring out of retirement.