Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I got a horse...sort of.

I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve just been busy with life and it never seems to slow down!

Yesterday was my Birthday. It was the 10th anniversary of my 21st! Hard to believe I’m getting old. I still feel like I’m 21 somedays, but my recovery time and old bones and joints just aren’t what they used to be. Yesterday I got a horse for my birthday. I don’t have him yet, but hubby said I can pick out what I want when the time is right and get it. Obviously I have no idea when that will be but now I have the green light to start actively searching. Nothing has caught my eye on the local classifieds, or craigslist. But I was randomly searching and found this mare.
The reason I clicked on her was because she was listed as a free thoroughbred in Rhame, North Dakota. That was where Piney came from. Turns out the "Second Chance Ranch" has teamed up with a pet rescue and they are listing a few of the horses for giveaway to approved homes. This mare is beautiful. The name listed with her profile doesn't match the equineline pedigree information. But  here is what was listed about her

Very sweet mare!

Her groom made these comments: she used to be really spooky but since he's worked with her she's really improved. He patted and touched her all over while she stood loose in the stall. He said she will get nervous if lots of people are around her. It seems she's stiff in her back especially during gallop workouts. He said some days she runs & plays in turnout like she's fine & other days she just seem stiff. He thought maybe she just doesn't want to run.

Loaded onto the trailer well, great manners

She is stunning.  But she is a mare. And she gets stiff, which I'm sure could be fixed with some chiro work. I do like that she loads into the trailer well and has great manners! That is definately a plus! I don't like that she was spooky and gets nervous with a bunch of people around her. I'm sure she will make someone a great horse if she hasn't already!

Then there was this little guy.

Here is what was listed about him

Off the track TB, very sweet. Loves kids. Has bone chip in left fetlock.

Oh and his name translates to Crazy Person...haha! He is cute, but when I look at him I don't think "that's my horse!" I feel the same way when I look at the mare. They are both beautiful creatures.I feel like I need to be there and meet the horse. What I liked about getting Piney was, I stood there in a pasture filled with horses of all shapes, sizes and colors.He was the one that came up to me. That horse picked me. Which is why I think that when time allows I want to go back to the second chance ranch and stand there in that pen of horses and see what happens. Maybe one of these two are my horse. I think I will just know when I see him.
For whatever reason my heart keeps telling me I want another OTTB. There is just something about them. For those of you who have never bonded with a TB i just don' t know if you can understand what it's like. I've had a quarter horse, and he was my buddy. Maybe it was me but we just never felt as connected as I did with Piney. I'm sure it was something to do with me and had nothing to do with the quarter horses. Every OTTB I've worked with seems to enjoy human interaction much more than the aqha's I've worked with. I duuno maybe I am just a crazy Thoroughbred lady...
So who knows. Maybe we will make the trip to the second chance ranch this fall, maybe we will make the trip next spring. Maybe I will find something tomorrow posted on craigslist that is NOTHING like what I am looking for. Maybe I will find a tiny white pony  instead :-)


  1. Happy Birthday! Thank you for wishing my Maizie a Happy Birthday too - that is neat that you share her birthday - she is really kind!

    I am a crazy Thoroughbred lady too so I know what you mean. I totally love every horse in the world and it really doesn't matter to me what shape or color or breed, but I do have a connection with OTTBs and I do not know why.

    The right one will come along. Just let it unfold...

  2. p.s. Are you particular about age? I leased an amazing OTTB in Florida last winter. He is for sale (reasonable) and his owner is desperate for a kind home. I can not take him because three is my limit. Anyway, his name is Max (Maximiliano) and you can read about him on my blog in the November and December archives. He was foaled in 1996 though - perhaps not young enough for your plans. I can vouch for the big heart and kind, sensitive brain. I knew it from a head shot and asked to lease him a year in advanced. I wasn't disappointed. He is perfect in every way. Mahogany bay.

  3. Happy birthday, and I love the fact that you are intent on giving a retired racer a home. It is a big deal, and people like you make the horse world a better place!
    Good luck in your search!