Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newest additions to the zoo

We finally got ourselves some ferocious barn cats! Ok, so they are cute and cuddly at the moment but I just KNOW they will become vicious hunters! A friend of a friend of mine on facebook had some kittens that she needed to give away and I just so happened to need some kittens! They are 3 grey kittens from the same litter, two girls and one boy. They are pretty stinkin cute.
It's been pretty hard to not bring them into the house! If it was still winter, you better believe that those little babies would be snuggling in the house with me! But I have them in the barn in a cozy little home. I want them to grow a bit more before they get free range of the barn. So I currently have them in an extra large wire dog kennel with, food water, blankets, a litter box and a scratching post, I let them out in the morning before work and again at night to roam around. When I come into the barn they all climb right up to the top of the kennel, it's super cute. I love them. I need to remember they are barn cats, and they have a job. But they are so darn cute!
I've named them but I can't really tell them apart. Their names are Cory, Trevor and Bubbles. I wanted to name one "Church" after the cat in pet semmetary...hubby vetoed that one.  Said it was too creepy. Anyways I just love those little kittehs!

Get ready for cuteness overload!

This one is in training to be a killing machine.

Out for a kitty stroll

Oh my aren't you cute!

This is a barn cat. This is a barn cat...I have to remind myself daily...

I just want to snuggle you!

not too sure about this whole grass thing...

"Let's fight and be super adorable so mom brings us in the house!"

halloween cat impression

Be strong! They need to live in the barn....

Barn cat...barn cat...barn cat....


  1. oh, they are adorable! (barn cats, barn cats) How could you leave the poor things in the barn? lol They need to be snuggled and cuddled! ;-)

    1. Hubby has actually asked me a few times if I wan to bring them into the house! I want to be out there snuggling them all the time!

  2. They are not barn cats. They are cute, cuddly, snugglers that need to sleep next to you every single night! I don't know how you're resisting!

    1. I know!!! It's difficult especially when I go to the barn and say "Hi kitties!" and they start meowing like crazy. be strong. be strong!

  3. Replies
    1. I seriously want to snuggle them all.the.time!

  4. adorable cute little kittahs!