Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What music reminds you of your horse?

Before I got my Sirius radio up and running again, I would listen to Classical MPR. Mostly because the radio stations around here had me burned out. I can only listen to the same 15 songs that I don’t even like so many times before I go absolutely crazy. Now if it is a song I like, I can listen to it 24/7 and love it as much as the first time I heard it. As of current, I am obsessed with 90’s on 9, nothing like some sweet 90’s tunes to get you pumped for your day! Am-I-right? N*Sync? Spice girls? Britney BEFORE she went crazy? I challenge you to find sweeter music than that!

I digress, listening to Classical MPR is amazing. They play classical music that is sometimes so beautiful you want to cry. And they can play a piece I’ve heard before, but I pick up parts I never noticed the first time I heard it. The thing with classical music is that you have to use your imagination and put a story to the music, well that’s what I do anyways, maybe I’m a weirdo. I think this peculiar behavior stems back to a project we had to do in first grade music class. The teacher played a song and asked us to draw a picture to go with it. For whatever reason I remember drawing horses galloping across an open field. Why that stuck out in my head, I cannot tell you. First grade was a long time ago.  Anyways when I was driving to work one beautiful sunny morning a couple months a song in came on the radio that instantly made me think of riding Piney. Grand Canyon Suite: III On the Trail by Ferde Grofe. You may recognize parts of it from one of the best movies ever, A Christmas Story. I started giggling, because I visualized riding the cone-man absolutely perfectly. I also just pictured him waddling around in the pasture. So for those of you who are wondering what it’s like to ride my OTTB close your eyes and listen to this song.

I’m sure most OTTB owners/riders have much, much different music that comes to mind when they think of riding their horse. Maybe it’s some heavy metal, maybe it’s some awesome 80’s pop song, fast paced techno, maybe it’s even some powerful classic music with a lot of cymbals crashing and bass drums banging. What music reminds you of your horse?

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  1. I can't say any music actually reminds me of riding my horse but I sure love riding to music. When I had Page I liked to sing along to the radio in the arena to help calm both of our nerves. I also like music to help establish a nice even rhythm. Music is also great to hide scary sounds (although it never was sufficient to hide the sound of snow sliding off the arena roof). Music and horses are a great combo!

    Love A Christmas Story!!!