Monday, September 12, 2011

living in fast forward.

This new house process has been moving in fast forward it seems. The last time we tried to buy a house it was a nightmare and dragged on and on and on. It’s funny how we had given up the search a few weeks ago and decided that we would wait until spring until we started looking again. Now we will be closing in 25 days! I WISH we could just zip out and bring Piney home the day we close, but we have got A LOT of work cut out for us before we can do that. But we are hoping that we will have the horses home late this fall or early this winter. These next few weeks are going to fly by I can already tell, heck this year has flown by! It seems like just a month ago it was 4th of july weekend. We are headed down to Texas on Sept 29th for my husband’s sisters wedding and then we close the day after we get back. Then the entire month of October is jam packed with renovating, landscaping, fencing, wedding receptions (My sister in law is having a reception here for all that couldn’t head to TX and I am photographing a wedding the day after we close), my birthday, Halloween, turkey hunting, shopping trips to Ikea in the cities, and much more. We are going to be busy.

Friday night we went out and looked at a few things at out at our new farm.(LOVE saying that!) We went and checked some of the fence. It’s all mismatched. A lot of it is down, some of it is barbed, some is no climb fencing, and a majority of it is smooth electric wire. I want to rip it all down and replace it with the electric rope. We are also need to get some gates to replace the one cheap, crappy, dangerous looking one there and the two little 4ft gates that have gone missing since we first looked at the place this spring. The barn…*sigh* is going to be a big project. I KNEW that it was going to be a big project but now that it is really happening it is just becoming overwhelming. There was at one time electricity running to the barn. The way it sits right now I don’t dare turn it on, for fear of burning down the barn. If we plan on having electric fence though we are going to have to figure something out since the fencer is in the barn. The roof is going to be a HUGE project that we think will have to be tackled next summer. We are going to tin the roof so that it will be a lot less maintenance in the future. And of course we need to address the tack room situation hahaha. It is a tiny closet like room under the stairs to the loft….that OBVIOUSLY won’t do! Especially since we have 5 saddles between the two of us and I have enough other horse crap to fill the current tack room 7 times. But obviously the roof and structural aspects of the barn are way more important than my future kick ass tack room. The barn does have 3 stalls but I don’t plan on stalling the monsters. There is a thick shelterbelt and the lean on the barn will shelter them from the elements so I’m not too worried about them being exposed to everything. Of course I say that I won’t stall them now but I guess time will tell if I stick to that plan!
I can’t tell you though how excited I am to be able to look out my window and see my horses. I LOVE that I will let my dogs out and they can run and play in a huge and open yard. The quietness out there is outstanding! I absolutely love the area that we will be living in. I love that it will be our first home.


  1. This all sounds so exciting and wonderful. Can't wait to read all about you fixing up your farm and making it your own. :)

  2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures please. I am so happy for you.

  3. This is all very exciting!!! Yay!

  4. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog about saddles. I really do think adjustable is the way to go - especially for these OTTBs that change shape so quickly. I like the look of the new Wintecs so will look at them while drooling over the Bates. :)

    Would love to see pics of your new farm! How exciting! Sure sounds like a ton of work, but it's your place...that has to feel good.


  5. Thanks all! I will definately post pictures!

    @Jill - I have the Wintec Pro Dressage and it is the most comfortable saddle I own! I want to get a Wintec 2000 too but I fear I may be sleeping in the barn if I bring another saddle home hehe